Call Us : 07563 383296
Location : 8-10 King St, Leicester LE1 6RJ
CALL US : 07563 383296
Location : 8-10 King St Leicester LE1 6RJ

About Sophy

About Sophy.

The Place To Be At In Leicester

Hi, the owners of Sophy here. After being in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, Sophy was one of our most exciting projects. Previously known as Sophbeck, we wanted to rename and rebrand with still also remembering the roots of where the original late-night sessions first came to Leicester.

We wanted to bring versatility to the nightlife scene of Leicester, we aimed to combine the luxury style of bar life and the fun yet unpredictable style of clubs to our project. Sophy’s first floor captures the affluent feel of enjoying a drink in a rich environment with good music, whilst our bottom floor does the complete opposite; in a good way. Our bottom floor is for those who resonate more with the messy sides of nightlife, decorated and kitted out for loud vibes and loud music. Either way, whatever you prefer, we wanted to bring something for everyone to enjoy.

Building and shaping our vision has been a process to say the least, but a process that couldn’t have been more worth it. We hope you enjoy experiencing Sophy, just as much as we enjoyed creating it.
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