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A thriving city in the heart of England, Leicester is the epitome of diversity. People from all over the world call this place home, creating a vibrant cultural tapestry that adds unique colours to the city’s canvas. In recognition of this rich multiculturalism, Sophy hosts a series of international parties in Leicester that bring the world’s festivities together under one roof. These parties serve as a bridge between the diverse communities that thrive in the city. Each event incorporates the unique charm of different cultures, immersing attendees in a melting pot of music, dance and camaraderie.

International Parties in Leicester

Spanish Parties

Enter the world of Latin rhythms and passionate energy at Sophy’s Spanish Parties. Held every last Saturday of the month, this event recreates the lively atmosphere of Spain. From the enchanting rhythms of reggaeton to the soulful notes of Latin music, you will be transported straight to the Iberian Peninsula. Sip Sangria, the iconic Spanish beverage, and enjoy Estrella Galicia beer as you dance the night away in true Spanish style. Everyone is welcome!

Portuguese and Brazilian Parties

As the third Saturday rolls around, Sophy introduces the vibrant sounds of Portuguese and Brazilian funk. The dance floor comes alive with movements inspired by these dynamic cultures. Sip on the famous Brazilian Cachaça as you sway to the rhythm of bachata. Spanish beers and Sangria keep the Iberian essence alive. The Portuguese-Brazilian party is a night that combines cultural climates with the universal language of music and dance.

The latest addition – K-Pop Party

The K-Pop party is the latest International Party in Leicester hosted at Sophy. In recent years, K-Pop has started to win the hearts of fans around the world and has also reached Leicester. Experience the greatest hits of K-Pop and enjoy typical Korean drinks such as Terra and Soju. It’s a night where a cultural exchange takes place on the dance floor.

Join the International Parties in Leicester!

Sophy’s international events exemplify Leicester’s cultural wealth. They show the city’s ability to unite people, regardless of their background. These events are a reflection of Leicester’s extremely diverse status and its talent for creating an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the festivities of different cultures. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, these events offer a unique opportunity to experience the world’s vibrant cultures all in one place. Let the rhythm of the music connect you with people from all walks of life. Join Sophy’s international parties and experience the joy of learning about global cultures, dancing to a variety of rhythms, and creating memories that cross borders.