Explore Student Hangouts in Leicester

Leicester, a city teeming with youthful energy and diversity, offers a vibrant student life. For those pursuing higher education here, life isn’t just about lectures and deadlines; it’s a time to explore, have fun, and build lifelong memories. One essential aspect of student life is finding great hangout spots—places where you can unwind, socialize, and make the most of your free time. In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of some of the top hangout places in Leicester designed with students

Student Hangouts in Leicester

The Orange Tree

First up is The Orange Tree, a beloved student pub in the heart of Leicester. It’s not just a place to grab a drink; it’s a social hub for students. Whether you’re unwinding with a pint, watching live sports, or joining a quiz night, The Orange Tree offers a welcoming atmosphere where students can simply relax and be themselves. Special student promotions make it even more appealing, providing affordability and a sense of belonging.


Queen’s Road Tap

Queen’s Road Tap is next on our list, offering students a taste of the craft beer scene in Leicester. Known for its extensive selection of craft beers and ciders, this trendy spot is where you can expand your palate. With various events and themed nights, it’s a great place to enjoy live music or try something new. The relaxed ambiance and a broad range of drinks make it a go-to place for students seeking a more refined hangout experience.


New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

For students who appreciate a blend of culture and leisure, the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery stand out. It’s not your typical hangout, but its free entry, thought-provoking exhibitions, and tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal spot for studying or spending leisurely afternoons. Students will also appreciate any special discounts or student-focused events that they can attend, combining intellectual curiosity with relaxation.


St. Martin’s Square

Another exciting hangout option for students is St. Martin’s Square, an area filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. The range of dining and coffee options allows you to savor different cuisines or grab a cup of coffee while catching up with friends. The diversity of this location, where you can enjoy good food and excellent shopping, makes it suitable for group outings, quiet study sessions, or simply relaxing and people-watching.


Bedford Street

In the heart of Leicester, Bedford Street is a bustling street food hub, and it’s a budget-friendly option for students looking to satisfy their taste buds. This vibrant area features a diverse range of food vendors offering an array of international cuisines. It’s perfect for students who want to explore different flavors while maintaining a student budget. The atmosphere of Bedford Street makes it an ideal place for gatherings, and it’s where you can embrace the joy of communal dining.


Sophy Bar

As we round up our tour of the best student hangouts in Leicester, there’s one place that deserves a special mention: Sophy Bar. Located in the heart of Leicester, right next to New Walk and King Street, Sophy Bar is the ultimate hangout spot designed to cater to students’ needs. It’s not just a nightclub; it’s a dynamic experience where every night feels like an adventure.

With a lively atmosphere, themed parties, and a central location, Sophy Bar captures the spirit of student life in Leicester. It’s an inviting place that allows students to relax, socialize, and have a memorable time. Whether you’re into international nights, salsa classes, Brazilian rhythms, or simply dancing the night away to the latest hits, Sophy Bar has something to offer. It’s where you can meet new people, make unforgettable memories, and experience the best of Leicester’s nightlife scene.


Embracing Student Life in Leicester

From cozy pubs to cultural retreats and culinary adventures to street food extravaganzas, Leicester offers a myriad of options to hangout with friends. Each of these hangout places provides a unique experience, making student life in Leicester an unforgettable journey. Whether you’re into cozy gatherings or high-energy parties, Leicester has something for everyone. Enjoy the camaraderie, savor the flavors, and create lasting memories. Student events in Leicester are waiting for you to make your mark on this dynamic city.