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CALL US : 07563 383296
Location : 8-10 King St Leicester LE1 6RJ

Month: August 2023

Discovering the Allure of Leicester New Walk
August 26, 2023

Origins of Leicester New Walk In the heart of Leicester lies a delightful street that beckons you to take a stroll through history. Leicester New Walk, as its name suggests, offers a haven of heritage, welcoming both locals and visitors to enjoy a leisurely…

Enjoy International Parties in Leicester
August 18, 2023

Home away from home A thriving city in the heart of England, Leicester is the epitome of diversity. People from all over the world call this place home, creating a vibrant cultural tapestry that adds unique colours to the city’s canvas. In recognition of…

The Beauty of a Super Diverse City of Leicester
August 11, 2023

A Cultural Gem in the Heart of England A vibrant gem in the heart of England, Leicester is not just any city – it’s a living testament to the beauty of diversity. With its rich mix of cultures, ethnicities and traditions, Leicester has earned…

This is the best cocktail in the world
August 5, 2023

What’s the best cocktail in the world? In the fascinating world of cocktails, there are plenty of choices that are considered classics. However, there’s one drink that reigns supreme and captures the hearts of people around the world – the best cocktail in the…